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I'm Romain Christophe

UI/UX & Web Designer, Graphic Designer

Romain Christophe

Graphic designer, UI/UX & Web Designer

I am French and I live in Japan since April 2017. I have 13 years of experience in graphic design, web design, and UI/UX design.
The most important thing in my work is even if an application is complex, I make it easy to understand for the user.
My favorite thing in life is to use my imagination to create designs, drawings, digital paint, and playing guitar. I speak English fluently, Japanese at a business level (JLPT 2), and native French. 

  • From: Epernay, FRANCE
  • Lives In: Kawasaki, JAPAN
  • Age: 42
  • Gender: Male
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My Skills

Design Skills

UI / UX Design, Web Design: Figma, Adobe XD
Banners, logos, Illustrations, Video (Adobe software)
Character design, Digital painting (Photoshop, Illustrator)

Coding skills

JavaScript, JQUERY


  • 2018-2023
    Japanese language
    Various school in japan like TCJ, MLC school

    Study of Japanese, from JLPT 5 to JLPT 2 level.

  • 2010
    Graphic/ Web design
    Autograf School (2 years, Paris, France)

    Study of Adobe software, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, 3D with 3ds Max. Study HTML, CSS, Javascript and Web design.

  • 2003
    Business School SUP TG
    Reims Management School NEOMA (3 years, Reims, France)

    Bachelor in business Management, marketing, communication.

  • 2000
    High School degree
    Notre Dame St victor (Epernay, France)

    Study of Economy, general education.


  • 2022 - today
    UI/ UX Designer, Project Manager
    Mitsubishi Fuso (Kawasaki)

    Design of applications to support the sales and the management of the new Fuso generation truck like eCanter, creation of mock up prototypes, logos, illustrations, videos and management of projects.

  • 2018 - 2021
    UI/ UX Designer, Graphic Designer
    Rakuten Logistic, ECLD group (Tokyo)

    Design and coding of the logistic back-office support system website for merchants, and other logistic applications for internal services and warehouses, creation of logos and illustration.

  • 2017-2018
    Web Designer, Graphic Designer, International sales
    I-order (Yokohama)

    Design and management of the official website of the company, graphic design of flyers.
    Internationale’s sales management: meeting with foreign merchants, negociation.

  • 2011-2016
    Web designer, Graphic Designer, Flash technician, Content Manager
    Various work contracts for e-commerce French companies,, Showcase website for Michelin and Nissan. Creation of E-learning for Alten.

    - Design of banners for landing pages, mailing, integration with CMS for e-commerce websites.
    -Websites content management for Nissan and Michelin.
    - Creation of Serious games in Flash for various companies (Renault, Alten, Thales).

What can i do?

Graphic Identity

Creation of logo, color identity. Build a consistent brand identity.

Web UI/UX Design

Conception of user interfaces: research, user analyse, creation of a responsive website or application.

Graphics Digital/Print

Creation of illustrations, icons, flyers, videos, banners, mailings, characters design.


1- UI/ UX Design: Mitsubishi Fuso truck(Kawasaki)

In Fuso The sales process and truck maintenance were based on a catalog, white boards, and printed sales manuals for the staff of Fuso all over Japan. With the release of the new eCanter 2.0 (electric truck), this method was not acceptable anymore. So we decided to digitalize and modernize all the processes by developing web applications (truck configuration, quotation, maintenance, et cetera).

- Design and development of the solution configurator, Fuso sales staff can configure and create an estimate quotation of any Fuso trucks (Electric, diesel), including all the information about it with recommendations, during a customer visit using a laptop or tablet.
- COC, a system that gathers all the information about truck maintenance, ticket creation for truck technical issues, dashboards, etc.
- eCommunity, website to manage Fuso articles and news.
- TCO, a tool that calculate the total cost of ownership of a vehicle compare to another.
- Second life dashboard to manage the truck when they go to second hand market.
- Truck connect, a website to manage electic vehicle battery charge, localization ect.
For this application I created tutorial videos with hand drawn character, logos, illustrations.

This website-based application is used all over Japan by the sales team in the Fuso branches. We introduced this application at various Fuso events, internally and for public audience also, for example to Japanese journalists, and some articles were written about it (newSwitch article) or to fuso world premiere and Tokyo motor show 2023.

Process of work:
User research, creation of persona, site map and low res mock up creation on Adobe XD, stake holder meetings to get all content and requirements, creation of final mock up with all the UI kit (colors, graphic elements rules ect), user test and review, daily follow up of developement, bug review and feed back. Study and follow up the tool usage and adoption, final feedback from users.

Solution configurator

Home page

Solution configurator

Model selection with filters

Solution configurator

truck setting, option selection.

Characters design

Characters for training video

Illustration creation

Illustration based on draw and made with Adobe Illustrator

Center of Competence

truck maintenance dashboard


design of TCO, cost of ownership tool.


design of website and dashboard to manage Fuso articles about truck news.

Fuso second life

Manage the truck when they go to second hand market.

Logo creation

logos creation for Fuso services

2- UI/ UX Design: Rakuten Logistic (Tokyo)

Issue: The logistic websites may be difficult to understand for the users (Rakuten Ichiba sellers)
Also, other applications had an old design and need renovation for internal logistic teams, or are used in special condition like in a warehouse with a very repetitive use. We need to make a better logistic back office system compare to Amazon, Next Engine for example and become number one in Japan.

Solution: Create the best funtions for users, make the process easy to understand depending of the user and condition, choose the best organization for forms, fields, buttons and table of results, check the user feedback to improve design. We created a UI library with components and documentation to keep the design consistent and a site map.

Process of work: The work flow was following Agile management process, with Scrum Team and sprint period of 2 weeks. As part of the design team of OMS logistic group, I made prototypes of various logistic applications, the main project was BOSS, back office support system with around 5000 users ( and smaller project for internal services (information about sellers, API management ect), warehouses workers (touchpad to prepare orders, picking, choose packaging ect).

Back Office Support System

Dashboard, main informations

Back Office Support System

Orders list

Back Office Support System

Lead time management

Back Office Support System

Creation of Error pages, Illustrations

Logos creation

Logos creation for various logistic applications


Caption generation for Rakuten fashion

WGUIS (Warehouse Gateway Useful Intra System)

API connection


A main menu to gather all the logistic internal applications.

Kohoku Seiyu supernet

Responsive application touch pad to prepare orders from seiyu website by warehouse staff.

Paperless system

Preparation of packaging by warehouse staff without using paper.

T-Rex attendance

Attendance check touchpad for warehouse workers.

3- Web design: I-order (Yokohama)

Process of work: I-order, partner of Rakuten needed to renew the english website, I made a mock up on photoshop then code of responsive website, using bootstrap code library. I created graphic elements for events and elements for rakuten shop.

Issue: I-order was searching foreigner clients to help them to sell in Japan e-commerce (Rakuten, Amazon, Wowma).

Solution: I made the website with modern tools, organize events all over the world by creating flyers, search new overseas clients.

I-order Website

Home page

I-order Website

Client page



4- Graphic design: Rue du commerce,, Carrefour (Paris, France)

Process of work: As a contract employee, I worked as graphic designer, content manager for different French e-commerce websites, rue du commerce,, Carrefour Ooshop Supermarket.
Every week new products was selected to be on front page of the website, sometime special operations or events. The marketing service decided which products will be on the landing pages, so created banners in various format depending of the page with Photoshop, e-mailing and integrate it with a content management system in HTML and CSS, javascript if necessary.

Issue: Each graphic elements of the website must be attractive to make the user click and buy the product, we had tools to annalyse where the users click the most.

Solution: Create interesting banners and mailing, original with attractive colors and buttons with good description of the products, use of the SNS, creation of games to win products like quiz.

Carrefour Ooshop

Banners small size

Carrefour Ooshop

Banners slider size

Carrefour Ooshop

Banners various sizes

Banners slider size


Banners slider size

Banners for DIY category

5- Web master: Nissan/ Michelin (Paris, France)

Process of work: For Nissan and Michelin websites,,, the process of work was update each website depending of the country with new content, like text translation, images or tools to build a car or a tire for example, I used a content management system created by the company called 'Communique'.

Issue: There was many website to update all over the world in a limited time.

Solution: Learn how to use a Content Management System and update websites very fast.

Michelin Website

Content manager

nissan Website

Content manager

6- Graphic designer: Alten (Paris)

Process of work: Alten is a leader in Engineering and Outsourced R&D and IT Services. They also create E-learning and training to help other companies in the process of change, for example: create serious games to explain what is the new process of work, explain to employees what are the disabilties at work ect. The process is a story board was created by the client and engineers, I was in charge of the characters design, the background, animation in Flash, design of mini-games and coding with action script 3 and show the progress to the client during meeting. I made E-learning for clients of Alten and for the company itself also.

Issue:Serious games was usually not very creative, employees need good e-learning to understand new process at work or any necessary training for work.

Solution: I drew characters, background and other elements and digitized them with photoshop and illustrator in Anime style, because my style is manga. The e-learning was looking better, funnier, more attractive for the user.

E-learning for Thales

Creation of Avatar

E-learning for Alten

Flash technician, graphic design, character design

E-learning for Renault

Flash technician, graphic design, character creation

Extract of E-learning about disabilies at work in the style of Professor Layton game.


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